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Darian by wittch Darian by wittch

Character status: Abandoned Comic Character
Herd status: Prince of herd Mars
Birthday: July 5


Name: Darian
Gender: Stallion
Age: 6
Height: 16.2hh
Breed: Belgian
Color: blue roan
Song: Eminem: Not Afraid
Voice: Like Eminem's


Meal: Clover
Horse: Midnight Rain
Weather: Sunny with few clouds, warm


Meal: Swamp grass
Horse: N/A
Weather: Cold and cloudy


Darian has had pretty good fortune as far as his life goes. He was born into royalty with generous and kind parents. He had many real friends, and few fake friends.

As he grew older, he began to defy his own mother's and father's rules, breaking most of them. Confused about what to do, his parents let it all slide. Figuring he could get away with most anything, he killed a horse he despised. His father soon found out, and disgusted by his son, sent him to jail. There, Lucky quickly shaped up. He vowed to his parents he would be good, and he was.

As time passed, his mother died and he came upon the sudden realization that his father would die someday too, and that it would be left up to him and only him to run the kingdom. He packed his bags and ran away from home, from responsibility. He was too scared to face it all. Too scared to be called a bad leader.

He left during the winter in a great snowstorm, knowing that no one would dare follow him and that no one would be able to track him. He continued aimlessly until he reached a fallen mare. Fear seeped into him as he saw how thin she was, knowing that she was going to die from hypothermia or starvation if he didn't help her. He helped her up and carried her to a nearby cave he walked past not too long ago, where he nourished her back to health, depleting his own food source.

He was forced to return home, the mare he had fallen in love with by his side. He found a room for her in an inn, and soon told all of his subjects to treat him like a commoner. He was overjoyed when they did as such, and fooled her pretty well.

One day he wasn't able to stand not telling her the truth, and told her himself that he was the prince, and that he didn't want her to judge because he was, and that's why he didn't tell her earlier. A few days later, he proposed.

After the marriage, they found out she was pregnant and frantically tried to make everything perfect for their upcoming baby. Everything was near perfect until she then, at 7 months, had a miscarriage. Both were devastated and didn't know what to do.

To this day, he's still trying to convince her that they should try for another foal, but her trauma from her experience overtakes her all the time, and she says no.


Siblings: None
Offspring: None yet
Mate: Midnight Rain
Mother: Queen Water Lilly
Father: King Ampharos


None. After the miscarriage, Midnight Rain is too scared to have another.
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May 7, 2012
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