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Lisa by wittch Lisa by wittch
Yes, I did give her a drastic design change. Her blue coat is now black and the green stipes on her back legs are gone, replaced with stockings.

Character status: First dA OC
Herd status: Snooty Lead Mare
Birthday: July 4


Name: Lisa
Gender: Mare
Age: 5
Height: 17hh
Breed: Arabian
Color: black
Lives in: Alamisonia, the hidden valley
Song: P!nk - So What
Voice: Like Twilight Sparkle's


Meal: Clover
Horse: Loviero
Weather: Sunny with few clouds, warm


Meal: Swamp grass
Horse: Cream
Weather: Cold and cloudy


Lisa may seem uptight and snooty, but she has a reason to be.
As a filly, she looked different from the rest of the foals and adults. She even looked completely different from her mother. All the other horses were bays, greys, chestnuts, roans, blacks, and all other pretty colors. And she was neon colors. Her mother told her she took after her father in looks, but Lisa had never met him, so she found it hard to believe.
She was bullied immensely by all the foals, and even a few adult horses. Lisa's self-esteem didn't exist.

When Lisa was a year old, she decided to leave. Her mother was upset at this news, but she understood why she wanted to leave. No other horse, except her, liked Lisa. The day Lisa wanted to leave, her father finally paid her a visit. Confused, she stayed awhile longer to meet her dad. Her mother was right, she did look a lot like her dad.
Eventually, she told her dad that she wanted to leave and find a new home. He nodded his head and gave her two silver bracelets, identical to each other. Each heart was a locket, and inside of them, her mother and father's picture. He said it was to remind her that they always will love her, no matter where she goes.

Soon after that little scene, she left. While she was leaving, she heard the other horses laughing at her behind her back, calling her fat, ugly, stupid, and that she was doing everyone a favor by leaving the herd. At that moment, Lisa broke into tears and galloped away, not glancing back behind her.

She wandered around for about a year, before she met Loviero. She immediately fell for him. They started a herd in a remote peninsula, and was dubbed lead mare. This was a huge ego booster for the mare with no confidence. So she began to wear the cloak of power everywhere to hide her insecurities.
Loviero knows of her past and how she felt she was worthless, so he lets her parade around, being a bitch all the time, because it doesn't matter what everyone else thinks, he knows that she's an amazingly sweet mare and that's she's just hiding herself from hurt and pain.


Siblings: None
Offspring: Aerrietta and Lillianna (both adopted)
Mate: Loviero
Mother: N/A
Father: N/A


Lisa refuses to have a foal because she fears she'll ruin her image she worked so hard for.

But she's thinking that maybe when she's older, like 16, she'll give in and have a little foal, because by then her image will deteriorate anyways.
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June 6, 2012
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